(Book Review) ‘Losing The Plot’ by Derek Owusu

by Miki
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Finishing this remarkably powerful and experimental novel, I feel like I want to go back to page one and re-read the whole story again! It was that good, and that complex at the same time.


Losing The Plot is Derek Owusu ‘s second novel. I really loved reading his first book That Reminds Me in 2020, so I was very happy to receive this new book before it comes out in November!

今作は著作の2作目。2020年に出版された前作「That Reminds Me」がとても心に残ったので、今作も出版前のサンプルを読ませていただき、感謝です。

This book is told from his and his mother’s point of view mainly regarding the immigrant experience, highlighting the feeling of displacement following her move to the UK from Ghana. It is very interesting that it’s not nonfiction, it is fiction, written as a imagined biography.


The style of writing is very unique, written in both English and Twi, with lots of extended footnotes to explain the Twi part. The narrative doesn’t really tell the story, it is rather fragmented, so the reader is required to immerse themself into their voice and imagine their situation to fill in the untold part of their life. The footnotes contain lots of thoughts by the son, and helped me understand more about them and feel like the characters were real. Some parts are more like a conversation, some are like poetry, all different kinds of fragments blend in and structure the narrative. The writing style contributed to create a very atmospheric and realistic style of storytelling.


It’s the kind of book that you wouldn’t necessarily understand the plot with your first reading, and perhaps you don’t necessarily need to ‘follow’ the plot like other general fiction books. It’s more like a wonderful novel to experience the story within the immersive experimental writing. It’s such a magical book and leaves you with lots of food for thought.




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