(Book Review) ‘Cocoa on Thursday’ by Michiko Aoyama / 「木曜日にはココアを」青山美智子

by Miki
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Do you have a go-to favourite cafe? What do you like about the place?


This book starts with a cup of hot cocoa in the ‘Cafe Marble’. The staff who runs the cafe thinks about the customers coming to order the same hot cocoa every Thursday. A busy customer with lots of business materials, a hard-working nursery teacher, a lady who writes letters in English… All these people share time in the Cafe Marble, and each has their own life story to tell.


The book consists of 12 interconnected short stories, written from 12 characters’ viewpoints. All the characters feel slight concerns, but also are able to find a little light in their lives. I really liked how these lights are lit by the people around them, and how they will gradually come to find comfort in their own lives. The story will definitely help you feel positive minded and make you feel appreciate the little details in your life.


One interesting thing about this book is that the author has spent a bit of her life in Australia, helping write articles for a magazine aimed at a Japanese audience. This story was originally published in the magazine, and later on was made into the book, with some edits and additions. Her experience in Australia is reflected in some of the stories in this book – by setting them there, this helps deepen the themes of the book from a cross-cultural, global viewpoint.


  • 宝島社
  • An English translation is not currently available.
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