Classic Japanese notebook, ‘Tsubame’ – 王道のツバメノート

by Miki
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Do you keep a diary? I’ve been keeping one since I remember, however, the notebooks I still have around me are from the past 5 years. That’s when I started using a fountain pen to write with, and found these fountain-pen friendly notebooks called ‘Tsubame Notebooks’. Tsubame is one of the most well-known notebooks in Japan and have over 70 years of history. The great thing about their notebooks is their pages are lined with water-based ink, so the fountain pen ink will not get repelled! I really like how the ink soaks in nicely, as well as the contrast between blue-black ink and the slightly cream coloured paper. Since my discovery of this notebook, I have been using them for my diary on a daily basis!


The machine used to line the papers is very old and is the last of its kind; there is only one artisan remaining who can operate it. Because of its nature involving hand operation, the lines are all slightly different, and that makes it even more special! I heard that the company is trying their best to continue their business further however – a fan like me really needs to appreciate its history and the beauty in the details!


The classic design has not changed since its debut, however, they occasionally collaborate with famous characters and sightseeing spots – here are some from my collection!


It’s really hard to find the stockists in the UK, but hopefully you can get to try them one day, to feel Japanese quality paper and the history behind it!


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